If Phurba, who fell on the road to Salima from Infinite Millions

Senior Advocate Yogyamani Neupane has a special discussion with presenter Anup Limbu on Golden TV on the current issues of Paul Sah and Phurba Tamang. Neupane said that as there was enough evidence to release Paul Sah, it would take time for the case to be sidelined. He said that after a man got married, he could not register another marriage.

It is found that people are trapped in the Honey Track, which means that it does not take long for people to get on the road from crores. Men and women are equally guilty, both are found to be victims when they are in the company of a bad man. Emotionally marrying a man who is on the verge of squandering their wealth, he has filed for one marriage and registered a second marriage. The lawyer said that there is a law to return the money.

At first glance, she looked like a beautiful young woman of 25-26 years of age, with a beautiful face, a sweet-spoken spirit, Tamang, who was unmarried and found a good boy to marry and go to Japan to do business. Bhavana, who lives in Japan from Pipaldada 2 in Sindhupalchok, is sending a message on Facebook to Phurba Muktan, who is doing business in Malaysia, saying that she likes social service. Furwa Tamang, who was born in Makwanpur and moved to Makwanpur, has been running his own business as well as helping people in trouble.

Even though the message of emotion was taken as normal, after everything started to get together, they were busy preparing for marriage. After coming to Nepal, Bhavana used the property in the name of Phurba’s father to take her and Phurba’s name, making it difficult for her to sell the house. Even after the marriage, the Nepali tradition of living in the boy’s house was broken, she broke up and started living in her own mother’s house, and Phurwa also used to live in the same house. Bhavana said that she took money in different names to pay the rin. She asked for money in different titles. Although Bhavana says she is 31 years old, she is three years older than him and has been married to four people.

According to the Tamang tradition, even though they got married, Bhavna did not allow them to post the wedding photo on Facebook, said Phurba. Phurba said that he found out that he was getting married to different people even before he got married to them. Phurba Muktan, 25, of Rautahat, was earning a living by running a restaurant business in Malaysia. One day, after receiving a text message on her mobile phone, the young girl, who is living in Japan, slowly falls in love with her beautiful face and easily falls into the trap of her false love. The two talk and move on for marriage, dreaming of having a baby on the phone and texting.

They had been close since January 21, 2021. As time passed, Phurba decided to get married on February 14. The girl said that she could not come to Nepal because she was ill and did not have money. The girl who came to Nepal on February 19 was chained to the airport by Phurba with 4 tolas. The two were tied in marriage on 2077-12-7. Phurba bought 25 tolas of gold for the wedding and spent Rs 1.5 million. According to Phurba, the girl, who went missing three days after the marriage, turned off the phone and went to divorce another man. Phurba, who runs two restaurants in Malaysia and thought of going to Japan after getting married, has now hit the road.

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