If such a dam in the world bursts, millions of people will be swept away

There are dams built in the world that would kill countless people. These dams are very old. Those dams will not be able to hold water for many days. Even in the event of a small earthquake or storm, the dams may break. If that dam bursts, millions of people will be swept away. In today’s series we are going to discuss about such dangerous dams.

First of all, let’s talk about the Mulaperiyar Dam in the Indian state of Kerala. The dam was built in 1995. Water comes to that dam from Periyar Lake. It sends water from the dam to the power station and generates electricity. That dam is very important for the state of Kerala. But the dam is in a dilapidated condition. No one has shown much interest in maintaining it. In 1978, India had to bear a huge loss. As many as 15,000 people were killed in a landslide at Machchu Dam. After that incident, the issue of securing Mula Periyar Dam was raised but it was never implemented in practice. At present, large cracks are appearing in the dam and water is leaking. Research has shown that the dam cannot withstand an earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale. That dam is also unsafe because it is built in the old way. The epicenter was reported below the epicenter, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Some people insist on tearing it down and making it new. If that dam collapses, 3.5 million people will be swept away in one fell swoop.

Fort Peck Dam is located near Montana, USA. It is one of the largest water storage dams in the world. This dam has been built for 80 years. According to scientists, the dam is considered to be the most dangerous dam in North America. The method used to build that dam has become unsafe for now. If this dam collapses, thousands of people will lose their lives and billions of dollars will be lost.

China’s The Three Gorges Dam is also becoming unsafe. China was hit by a major typhoon in June 2020. The storm affected 24 provinces. There was so much rain with the storm that it could not be drained and reached The Three Gorges Dam. From that moment on, people started questioning the dam. Because only last month, scientists said the dam could break at any time. This dam is the largest hydropower in the world. When China demonstrates its power, it takes the name of the dam. Because this dam is the largest structure in human history. But China has not shown the problem in the dam. If this dam collapses, 40 million people will die in a small amount.

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