If the killer dons dominate politics, Nepal is likely to become Bhutanese soon

If a person who is accustomed to any subject is given a post related to that subject, then the work will definitely be improved. Similarly, Dr. Vijay Mishra believes that there will be no corruption in the country if the same method is applied to the ministers of Nepal. According to him, corruption is rampant in the country due to the practice of appointing MPs as ministers.

He said that the problems in the health sector and the work to be done could be easily addressed if experts accustomed to the health sector were given the post of health minister. Similarly, he is of the view that it would be appropriate to appoint experts in other fields including agriculture, employment and communication. But only those who have no experience in giving the post of minister to those who have entered the parliament building of Nepal, therefore no development has taken place in Nepal.

The Nepali people now hate the parliamentary system. Everyone thought that a parliamentary system like the one in the UK was a good system. But the lack of morality in the parliamentary system has taken a distorted form after the entry of people into politics. According to Dr. Mishra, Nepali leaders have started dancing naked during the day in the name of foreign or personal interests.

THus, Nepal’s parliament has been brought to the streets by manipulating each other. That is why the Nepali people are now fed up with the parliamentary system. The parliamentary system has been established as a laughing stock from all sides. Given that the process is over, let’s now elect a prime minister through direct elections and give access to all the powers of the country, giving the monarchy the most religious rights, the least social rights. He also said that the monarchy would remain a garrison if political rights were given less.

He said that the British and Japanese state system should be kept as it is but it would not be appropriate to keep it in the parliamentary system.

Compared to other countries, Dr. Mishra says that those who are elected to the parliament should not be made ministers. In Nepal, he says, only those with money can win elections. Since only those who spend money come to politics, the middle class cannot stand in politics, so only corrupt people have come to politics after winning. According to Dr. Mishra, if the mistakes made by the political leaders are taken lightly, Nepal will soon be Sikkimized and merged with Bihar. He also said that if the assassins were to continue in politics, it would not take long for Bhutanization to take place.

Dr. Mishra says that she will support the woman to be the Prime Minister. He said that the appointment of women ministers in Nepal was the beginning of change.

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