If you vote for Renu, the country may go to disaster.

Bharatpur Metropolitan City (BMC) Mayor Renu Dahal was elected in 2017. Her efforts have become focused on the welfare and well-being of local residents. This has been reflected in the efforts she gathered and put into action. Furthermore, health is high on her priority list for municipal development.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, Mayor Dahal announced a Rs 4.15 billion budget allocation for quarantine administration, treatment of COVID-19 afflicted individuals, and employment development for people coming home from abroad in the aftermath of the epidemic. The strategy to address basic rights and promote the welfare of local people via the building of economic, physical, social, and environmental infrastructures was also included in the budget. Land utilisation, improved access to health services, education, agriculture and livestock department, environment protection and greenery development, and disaster management were among the 11 priority areas included in the allocation.

Her interest for health was demonstrated shortly after her formal election. Out-patient department services at state-run hospitals in Bharatpur are now free for women and senior persons over the age of 60, according to Mayor Renu Dahal. Mayor Dahal said she understood the health issues that women confront and urged her to make the decision.

Bharatpur Metropolis, led by Mayor Dahal, turned Chitwan Expo Centre into an unique 70-bed temporary hospital for patients sick with the coronavirus in just three days. The hospital has a 10-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a 10-bed High Dependency Unit (HDU), and a normal ward (50 beds). Collaboration with many stakeholders, such as the College of Medical Sciences and the private hospital coordination committee, has made this facility possible.


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