If you want to win one crore, look here, famous celebrities are witnesses

The launch of my voice and my daily universe has been prepared by witnessing the artists who have made their own identity from the Nepali song music video and film industry, they said that you can get information using universe apps to get information about this field. Those who will be able to participate in the event, the first place will get 75000 US dollars, the second place will get 20000 US dollars and the third place will get 10000 US dollars, people from all over the country can participate. Even if the title is lifted by one person in this competition, it seems that many people have played an important role in learning a lot and making the upcoming journey even better.

Dilip Rai Majhi who is excellent in acting and acting in Nepali film industry, Sandeep Chhetri who is excellent in caricature acting comedy, Shiv Pariyar who is popular among children and old age people, actress Keki Adhikari who is excellent in acting, Rima Vishwa Karma etc. has launched My Nitya Cup USA and My Voice Cup USA. From the Nepali citizens living in America, people associated with the organization have said that they are continuously moving their steps forward for the promotion of Nepali language and culture.

Dilip, who said that he had the opportunity to be a judge of daily competitions in many countries of the world, said that his aim is to do good work in Nepal. Rayamazhi said that since the chair he sits on is his acting, he will learn a new lesson from everything and move forward. When Keki and Rima are not in the press meet, while Dilip and Sandeep are having fun on different things, when they question Dilip, Sandeep laughs with comedy. This competition, which is going to be created in the special role of the outstanding Kalakars in Nepali Kalakarita sector, it seems that many outstanding Kalakars will become the sector of change.

Sandeep Chhetri, who is associated with Inter Foundation, said that Dilip Raimazhi, a famous artist of Nepal, facilitated him to be close to this organization. He said that he felt that he got special pleasure in that program from the many tasks he did in the program. He said that he was very happy and excited when he saw the work done by the organization for human and human welfare.

Sandeep said that this program will play an important role in finding talent from all over the world, creating a good program and finding good talent. He said that they are going to hold two competitions under the special initiative of the Delhi authorities, so that the next generation will not forget our culture when they go abroad, even in terms of getting Nepalese Hari education, employment, and other services. Since this work is being carried out with a broad purpose in the future, all people are expecting support to play an important role in advancing this work and reaching people all over the world.

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