IMO illegal business, 2 billion more extortion with Nepali.

The program “Sidhakura”, which airs every evening on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from Galaxy 4k television, is a live program to find solutions to the public interest grievances. In today’s episode, IOM has raised questions about the amount of money being raised from illegal businesses in the name of health check-ups. .

Up to 109 episodes of Straight Talk, the presenter, Rabbi Lamichhane, continues to seek solutions to the public’s grievances and questions. To be handed over to the new generation, Yubaraj Kadel, who has been giving voice from behind the scenes, has been given the lead to broadcast regularly from episode 110. Yubaraj has been constantly raising his voice in order to be the charioteer of the people’s happiness and sorrow, and to raise the voice of the voiceless.

Thanking the people in the country and abroad who have supported him with encouragement to this day, he expressed his commitment to be even more uplifting in the days to come. Engaged in the field of Nepali journalism, he has never continued his journey in the spirit of journalism, even though he is seen as a new generation in politics today, the people are suffering, never forget the problem, he is constantly moving forward to solve their problems. Lamichhane has said that it will increase. The recent US-led agreement in Nepal has caused a great deal of controversy, with some leaders of the opposition not even supporting it.

Rabbi started talking directly to the Prime Minister from News 24 saying that he would raise his voice for the rights and interests of Nepal. He then started talking directly to the people, from where he succeeded in becoming the God of the people. Rabbi Lamichhane, who built his field directly from the people, became the real hero of the people. He not only addressed the problems of the people, Had done They were in the forefront in solving the problems of those who were sold abroad to those who were deceived at home.

The rabbis who want the slums of the poor started looking for the problems of the people rather than money. He started working with the people, winning the hearts of tens of thousands of people, and continued his journey. As he continued to work, he became closer to the common man. Poor days for the poor who have not been able to eat, who have always been oppressed by the upper class, showing their problems, Rabbi Lamechhane Lakho, who is on the way to a solution, became the hero of the people, he did it for a few reasons News 24 left and started to open a new TV to solve the problems of the people.

After a tireless effort, galaxy 4k tv was launched by Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba on 15 September. The program was started by putting people in one place and addressing all at once. The program was attended by almost all the people, but no one was seen sitting side by side. Nowadays, the people’s grief problem will be addressed through television without any hesitation, he says.

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