Impact of not considering Rajesh Hamal as superhero, Shobhit’s grief towards media, sobhit Basnet, Dada’s Barpipal movie

In Nepal, the word ‘social harmony’ has been disappearing lately. One does not leave one’s head untouched when one believes in the other.  It has become difficult to talk about work. As a result, there is a lack of respect for each other’s behavior.  Even if we have a good journey, we have to cut our legs, and when we lose our wrong deeds, we have to cut our legs.

Time builds a person’s future. Some people reach the pinnacle of success in general, but even with a lot of hard work, they can’t succeed in their work. Not everyone knows where human life begins and ends.  One of the most talked about topics in Nepal is Tapi Upahar. Because of this, Tapi Upahar is one of the most talked about topics in Nepal.

Dance bars, clubs, rehearsal evenings, movie theaters, and meeting halls were closed due to the Covid 19 Corna virus.  Many of the operators were in a dilemma. It was very difficult for people to get up from their food to their sleeping quarters. It was very difficult to make the conversation comfortable in such a situation.

After the incident, all the citizens were relieved. Even though the people had some peace and tranquility, the fear in their minds was not removed.  Some of the heroes and heroines were at loggerheads with each other. The same controversy led to conflict among many citizens.

Soviet Basnet also said that he was fired from the media because of this great hero.  He claims that he will attack by making a pre-plan. Thus, the question of who is interested in what is happening in the society and finding a way to solve it has started to arise.  He claims that the movie was a good one. He said that Salon and Rubina’s Dorso movie was a very good movie and later when he watched it with his family, he had tears in his eyes.

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