In an interview, after Jyoti Magar opened the secret poll of Sankar BC

On the occasion of her birthday, Jyoti Magar, a popular folk singer, has opened a secret poll of Sankar BC. Magar said that if the hybrid brother made a mistake while working, he would laugh at the opposite, laughing at the dialog that does not allow him to speak on camera. Sankar BC has said that he is a successful artist who does not hurt anyone even if he keeps his mind on his eyes. On the birthday of Nepal’s famous daily hybrid BC, there was a flurry of artists from different fields. Popular folk double singer Badri Pangeni, Jyoti Magar, comedian, producer Deepa Shree Niraula, Deepak Raj Giri, Sagar Lamsal and others were present.

Deepa Shree Niraula said that despite the great achievement of the hybrid son-in-law, he is still proud of his talent and progress and will continue to work with laughter and entertainment. Badri said that when we play badminton, we always wear hybrid party shoes, so now we have to come with sports shoes. Famous folk singer and model Jyoti Magar did not have the most fun. Singer Jyoti, who has made a name for herself in the field of song and music, gave a bouquet of roses to I Love You BC when she was alone and had a wife, Nepalgunj, and another wife, America, with Sankar BC brother. According to Sankar BC, the funniest joke is made by Jyoti. Jyoti Sankar is a little more than Bhuvan KC.

He said that Sankar Bishi has been celebrating his 50th birthday in a very grand way. According to Jyoti, who used to be a fan of Sankar BC, but now her life is the same. Recalling her acting in several music videos with Sankar BC , she said that she was never old and that her ability to work was improving day by day.

Sankar B. C. After one or two people said that they used to watch you old people a lot, they said that they were brothers and sisters, not old people. In most of the songs, Sankar says that his wife used to tell him because he danced with others in the role of wife and husband. The hybrid will remember his wife, even if he has 1000 girls around him, she said. The hybrid says that Jyoti is a very entertaining person by exchanging jokes. According to Jyoti Magar, brother Jos looks young in terms of strength and body, but in terms of age, she is old enough to receive old age allowance. She said that she would be of the same age when she went to collect the allowance.

“People ask people how old you are when they see your son, who is 20 years old,” said Jyoti. While working with Jada, she said that she never gets tired. She said that her habit of always having a good laugh made her realize that time was running out. The heroines have said that when they get to work with people like brother in life, they feel very comfortable. Mani said that she used to work with entertainment as it was very difficult for the body when she was working under stress. Jyoti and Samjhana have said that while working for five or six generations of heroines, her work habits and attachment to work are the same.

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