In front of the competitive minister Dr. Toshima’s blood-boiling speech: A shower of applause and hooting

Dr. is a candidate for the House of Representatives in Lalitpur Region No. 3 from the National Independent Party. The candidature of Tosima Karki will not be canceled. After the Election Commission rejected Tosima’s candidacy, the Supreme Court overturned the Election Commission’s decision, but Tosima Karki first came as an independent, but later joined the National Independent Party, she said.

She has said that the people are in charge of disrupting the parliament because the election commission once made a decision to disqualify the candidate. She has said that because of the journeys she has undertaken with various sufferings and hardships, she will continue her efforts to solve the problems of common citizens. In the case registered by the Election Commission, the Supreme Court gave an order today and said that Toshima’s candidacy is still valid.

She said that many sisters and brothers are living abroad under compulsion and to bring them back to Nepal, she will take special initiatives to develop employment and good health education in Nepal. She said that people are dying without getting treatment, and unemployment is forcing skilled manpower to go abroad. He has said that he left his job to change the situation of the country and joined politics. Supreme Court Information Officer Devendra Dhakal informed that Tosima’s candidacy will remain.

Information officer Dhakal said that the joint bench of judges Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada and Til Prasad Shrestha continued the earlier order and ordered Tosima’s candidacy to be maintained. The Election Commission had filed a case in the Supreme Court for the cancellation of the interim order to maintain the candidature of Tosima Karki.

Karki applied to the Commission on August 28 for Nirkyaul for that post as she would receive only an allowance from the Medical Council. Karki approached the Supreme Court saying that the Commission had done an injustice by rejecting the candidature based on the complaint against her without hearing the petition. The Supreme Court had given an interim order to maintain the candidature on the basis that he was receiving a meeting allowance as a member of the Nepal Medical Council. On October 15, a single bench of Justice Kumar Chudal passed an interim order upholding Karki’s candidature.

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