In the marriage of daughter and daughter, Prakash Subedi was given a religious crisis by the artists. Koko Kalakar had come

Famous journalist Prakash Subedhi’s daughter Priyanka Subedhi’s wedding, which took place on 10th of Baisakh, was attended by many famous Nepali celebrities.  Artists from all walks of life attended the wedding and blessed the bride and groom.  The artists who came to bless the bride and groom by asking one question to the guests, always asking two questions to the guests, on the contrary, by asking one of the two people who came to the wedding, they were forced to choose one.  Rajesh Payal Rai took the name of the person present at the wedding and asked him to choose one of the two.

In Nepali cinema, music video, exposing wrong activities in the field of audio, honoring good activities, the daughter of the facilitator was getting married, for some time she was missing the three programs she was running, after some time I will run the program with new modifications.  He had said in Bagina that the program was closed for three weeks, adding that the program would be conducted soon after the marriage of the daughter.  To congratulate him on the marriage of Prasas Subedhi’s daughter, the film’s evergreen hero Bhuvan KC along with his fellow travelers, Jharna Thapa, Suhana Thapa, Anmol KC, Jitu Nepal, Achal Sarma, Dilip Raimazhi, Nares Bhattarai, Nita Dungana, Karisma Manandhar, singer  Old and new blacks including Rajesh Payal Rai were also present.

According to Hindu tradition, the marriage ended with Anmol and Suhana having a love affair.  According to Hindu culture, the couple tied the knot, the society has become suitable.  Subedhi has said goodbye to her daughter with a smile.  After falling in love, knowing each other, they are bound in marriage. Marriage is a sacred bond, a bond that unites two families. They become friends by increasing friendship in common identity.

According to their tradition, marriage is celebrated with pomp and circumstance. Marriage is also mandatory for human beings.  When they understand each other and get older, they are less likely to get hurt later when they get married.  The couple said that since they got married knowing each other’s language, they would use their language well. The couple, who have been known to each other since the time of their relatives’ work life struggles, now live together.

After the meeting, they maintain a close relationship and tie the knot. The couple got married with great pomp and circumstance. Her husband says that people from all walks of life are happy with their marriage.  Struggling with all kinds of pleasures and sorrows in the society, they say that they have moved forward in the relationship quickly.  People get together and when the minds of two people get together, they make life comfortable, they share the joys and sorrows of their lives, they get married in order to make a living.

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