In the middle of the night, a boy throwing garbage was caught red hand

The steps taken to make Balen Shah’s metropolis beautiful, holy, and orderly are now getting a lot of discussion from the country and abroad.  In the Bakfal area of ​​Kathmandu Metropolitan City, people who throw garbage on the side of the road at night have been caught red-handed by the team of the Metropolitan City and they have been caught in such a way that they will be fined or penalized.

While one team is constantly striving to make the metropolis clean and beautiful, the other team is going about their business by throwing garbage in the middle of the road and going on their way.  Balen Sah, who has been continuously fighting for the development of the country, is engaged in cleaning and decorating various areas in Kathmandu.
It is found that by painting the structures near rivers, parks, and roads, the metropolis is brightened up. In order to effectively implement this policy, the metropolis is conducting roadside management programs.  For pedestrians, footpaths are more necessary during festivals.  More than any other time, this is the time when senior citizens, children, disabled people, and pregnant women go out shopping.
The landlord said that the law had been violated, and whatever happened was for the best.  House owners are saying that since there are many buildings built against the law in Kathmandu and it has a bad effect on society, the removal of such structures should be supported.  The householder said that since the young boy who is very energetic is constantly working to change society, everyone should support him in the work that will get a good response in the future.
As Engineer Balen Shah fully knows what structure should be built and how it affects life, he has proceeded with the work accordingly. Apart from the map pass, they have used other places for personal purposes, and by setting up shops there, they have done the work of demolishing the structures built outside the agreement and map of the metropolis.

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