In the middle of the night, Balen’s team again caught these rich merchants who were littering the streets

The steps taken to make Balen Shah’s metropolis beautiful, holy, and orderly are now getting a lot of discussion from the country and abroad.  In the Bakfal area of ​​Kathmandu Metropolitan City, people who throw garbage on the side of the road at night have been caught red-handed by the team of the Metropolitan City and they have been caught in such a way that they will be fined or penalized.

The team deployed by the metropolis under the command of DSP has caught the team from cyclists to big wealthy traders who were doing shops and throwing garbage at night in the Koteshwar area and fined them.  The DSP said that they are working all night to catch the people who are trying to make the metropolis dirty and put them in cages.
One team is continuously fighting to make the metropolis clean and beautiful, while the other team is doing its business by throwing garbage in the middle of the road.  They are on their way.  He accused the Kathmandu Metropolitan City of working against the law.  “If there is an encroachment, it should be marked, we should work with the support of the people here,” he said targeting Mayor Balen, “His thinking should be changed.”
Dozer argued that demolishing the house would not solve the problem.  Besides taking out a masala procession, the locals also burnt the effigy of Mayor Balen Sah.  As Dasain Tihar, the great festival of Hindus is approaching, Balen Shah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has taken steps forward to make the world’s model city.
Balen Sah, who has been continuously fighting for the development of the country, is engaged in cleaning and decorating various areas in Kathmandu.  It is found that by painting the structures near rivers, parks, and roads, the metropolis is brightened up. Engineer Balen Shah knows exactly what structure should be built and how it affects life, so he has carried forward the work accordingly.  Since the steps taken by Shah are good, he has suggested continuing the work of long-term construction.

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