In the name of Salman, such a business of illegal alcohol and sex addicts

According to the customs department, Nepalis have been drinking only 830112 liters of foreign liquor. If we look only at alcohol, it is found that a large amount of money is going abroad legally from Nepal. In the last financial year alone, it is found that Rs. Arriving in Nepal illegally, the business of alcohol is found to be more than this, which was revealed by a planet published on Sunday. Police have seized around Rs 15 million worth of illegal liquor in 296 cases.

In the market, there is a large quantity of liquor that has come to Nepal illegally in the name of cheapness, the quality of which has not been measured. About three weeks ago, illegally sold liquor was being distributed in hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu. Later, the police started raiding the customers. During the raid, the police found not only the hotel and party palace but also the house selling its liquor. The team was released by the team of Kathmandu Metropolitan Crime Branch on January 29 from Baneshwor, Rajkot, Kapan and other places in the valley.

According to the police, the protagonist of the illegal liquor business is Santosh Chandra Bakhrel, a resident of Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. He has been running an illegal business under the cover of Being humun, an organization run by Bollywood actor Salma Khan. It has been found that former Nepali soldiers were also involved in the incident. Sales Pant of Kageswari Manohara-6, Rabin Pakhrin of Hadipati, Kathmandu and Narayan Prasad Ghimire of Chabel are also missing. The police team has recovered Rs.

After the news came that the liquor imported from abroad was sold for less than the market price, the investigation found that the liquor was being sold at a much cheaper price than the market price without paying customs duty. It has been revealed that Santosh Chandra Bakhrel has been smuggling it from India, giving it to Sales Pant, giving it to Rabin Prakhrin and Prakhrin sending it to the market through Narayan Prasad Ghimire. It has been revealed that alcohol is sent to the market depending on the setting.

Police said the liquor was sent for testing as it was not known whether it was fake or genuine. It has been revealed that Bakhrel is also involved in other drugs, selling Salman Khan’s name and even doing business under the name of his organization. Police have seized Rs 5 million worth of illegal goods from his warehouse in Khusibu, Nayabazar, Kathmandu on Sunday. Police said that the revenue department has sent for investigation. According to police, Brakhel was involved in all the illicit trades and seized liquor, tobacco, sex toys and other items from his warehouse in India. He said that he was associated with a famous organization in India and that he would bring the same brand of goods to Nepal and sell them.

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