In the story of friendship with Sanjog and Swastima

Some of the Nepali artists have very good friends. Khadka and Sanjog Koirala are also one of them. Swastima said in a television interview that they have a very good friendship. He never seems to get in trouble because of coincidences. He says that he was helped a lot by chance.

Swasti and Sanjog have such a good relationship that they go to each other’s house without any worries. Coincidentally, they have reached Swastima’s bedroom many times. Swastima said that she used to scatter her belongings in the room as she was very unmanaged.

We are both the same so our room is very chaotic. Coincidentally, when they come directly to our room, they do not respond even when they see such chaos. They like the habit of not caring about each other’s personal life and habits, Swastima said.

Most of the heroines of Nepali movies have been attracted to YouTube. Let’s not just call them YouTubers, but also keep them up to date with YouTube trends. Sanjog and his wife and barber Varsha Raut are also on YouTube. But Swasti and her husband Nischal Basnet are a bit away from social media.

Most of the time, she keeps blogs made with her husband Sanjog Koraila. Even though the video content is normal, his video is preferred. Sometimes she even have YouTube trends. 1 lakh 96 thousand subscribers are connected to his YouTube.

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