Inauguration of the tower Dharahara, Kp Sharma Oli

The rebuilt tower has been inaugurated. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the reconstructed tower on Saturday amid a special program today. Addressing the inauguration ceremony, he said, “The newly constructed tower will never collapse again. From now on, the tower will not collapse. We have ensured that. The last time the tower collapsed was in 2072. We are sensitive to the damage caused by that. ”Prime Minister Oli also urged the people of Kathmandu to celebrate Diwali from house to house.

Prime Minister Oli also said that climbing the tower was like climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He said, “I remember walking the Eiffel Tower. When you reach the top of the Eiffel, the wind blows. The tower has been built to give people a different kind of pleasure in any heat, no matter how hot the air is.
“On this day, I request you to at least celebrate Diwali at your home,” he said. The water of Melamchi is coming. A big tundi game is being planned, it will also be successful. ‘

He said that he would give a new look to Kathmandu. Oli explained that he would make Kathmandu a city for the people of the world. He said that Kathmandu should be built as it is not possible to go around once. He said that Ranipakheri and the tower were rebuilt without stopping the Koran epidemic.
He said that the families who lost their lives in the tower will be made to participate in the occasion. He said that employment would be provided to one member of the family with priority.

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