Indian idol Pawandeep Bhadgaon, sang a Nepali song and laughed saying that he would become Nepal’s son-in-law.

Pawandeep Rajan, who has won two Indian titles, has come to Nepal for the first time to perform.  After winning India’s most popular reality shows, Rajan, who is one of the best performers in the country, has come to Kathmandu to perform for the first time.  Nepali Bhad villagers came to Nepal wearing hats, Nepalis came for two days on windy days.  According to the organizers, people from all walks of life have been buying his tickets since he was 93 years old and there are many people in Nepal who like him.

He said that after the program in Nepal, he would travel to different places.  He said that Pawandeep had participated in the program with him, Arunita was a good friend and since he now spends time in Git Sangeet, he should ask where to get married after 7-8 years.  Pawandeep Rajan is a Nepali youth who has won two Idol titles in India.  He said that he will sing both Pavandeep, Nepali and Hindi songs after coming to Nepal.

He had broken the world record when he was a child.  As people work, they acquire knowledge of various things. On the day of Baje Prabaje, they migrated from Nepal to Uttarakhand, India. Now, their grandparents have settled in India.  Respecting Nepali land, he comes to Nepal. He says that even though he lives in India, he has very high respect for Nepal.  Pawandeep’s father and sister, who have won two Indian titles, are equally adept at singing. Her father Suraj Rajan, who has produced 40-42 cassettes in Uttarakhand, and his younger sister Jyoti Rajan had also come to visit Nepal Pasupati.

The people show their talents wherever they are. He has an ancestral home in Pancheswar gaupalika of Baitadi district and says that he has a lot of love for Nepal.  He says that even though his ancestors had already migrated from Nepal to India, he was attracted to Nepal by the love of Nepal and Nepali people.  Searching for Nepali songs and music, he is very close to Nepal and Nepali people.  He used to sing tapala from a young age. He has won two different titles in a row. He likes Kathmandu very much.

According to his father, Pavandeep got 300 million votes out of 330 million votes in Indian Idol, out of which 60 percent votes belong to Nepalis.  Her father, who is a teacher in Uttarakhand, India, is also a singer. She says that she likes Nepal’s old singer Ram Chandra Kafle Suta Debi very much.  Are brought.  He says that he loves different places of Nepal and is about to return after visiting many places. He has become a successful artist by making various struggles in life.

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