Indira Joshi romantic proposal; boyfriend flew her to Mt. Everest region to propose

Singer Indira Joshi has got an engagement. The reality has come to light after many people congratulated her on social media by posting a video of her engagement. Indira reached Khumbu and got engaged. The video of Joshi wearing a ring to her boyfriend is now going viral on Twitter. She is engaged to fashion designer Sharad Kedia.

Earlier, Indira had said that she was in a love affair but did not reveal her boyfriend’s name. At the same time, she herself has not said publicly about the engagement. The video of their engagement has been made public through Captain Vivek Thapa’s ticket account. Thapa has made the video public by writing ‘Exclusive’.

Singer Joshi has not given any official information about Soba. The video of her engagement has now spread everywhere on social media. Captain Vivek Thapa has congratulated the singer Joshi by posting a video on the ticket. The video has now gone viral.

He congratulated both Joshi and Kedia. Captain Thapa wrote in the caption of the video, “Wishing you both a bright future!” Singer Joshi had already said that she was in love. However, she did not reveal her boyfriend.

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