Indreni Ki Ayusa Gautam Ko, Gunyo Choli from Krishna Kadel to Tika Sanu

On the day of Gunyo Choli of child singer Kamala Ghimire, who is working in the program “Indreni” which is becoming popular for Nepalis all over the world, famous artists from the field of Nepali art participated.  Her participants made the program even more interesting and enjoyable. Singer Ayusha, who has won the hearts of many audiences by her involvement in Nepali song music, is very popular at a young age.

According to Hindu tradition, Ayusa Gautam, a popular child singer, has been wearing a ganyocholi.  According to Ayusa’s father, because of Ayusa, he has a close relationship with famous Nepali artists and he used to meet everyone.  “I got to know a lot of people at home today on a happy day,” she said.  She said that she was happy to wear Ayusa’s Gunyo Choli according to the Hindu tradition of decorating like a bride, covering her feet and giving a vaccine.

Ayusa said that she went to work because she likes Baba Ama’s Gunyo Choli, and she also likes it.  She said that she and her family were very happy when famous artists like Krishna Kadel, Satra Sahi, Tika Sanu and Khuman Adhikari came to her Gunyo Choli.  At a young age, a new chapter has started in the life of Ayusa, who felt that the old culture should be revived in Nepali music.

Ayusa’s father said that he was very happy to see a well-wisher who loved her.  Ayusa said that she was very happy to wear Gunyo Choli and Mitini on the same day.  The house and family of the two are also similar, so their faces are also similar, so they put on a date, said Ayusa.  He said that he was very happy to receive blessings from artists, journalists, parents and well-wishers.

Indreni and its host Krishna Kadel have been a source of trust, hope and inspiration for millions of people in the country and abroad. He has entertained millions of viewers and saved many lives.  Bale has created the future of many people.  Reaching the corner of Nepal, Kadel, who is serving the poor and suffering on a poor day, walks away carrying their pain, says that he is happy to be able to serve continuously.

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