Indreni reached Lumbini without Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ser Bahadur Deuba.

In the Indreni program aired on Himalaya Television, Indreni, based in Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu, presents its own studio from different parts of the country, where the slogan is to respect the old and promote the new.  The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was scheduled to visit Nepal on the day of 2566 Buddha Jayanti. Many leaders and activists including the Prime Minister of Nepal Ser Bahadur Deuba went to welcome him.  Before the minister, Indrani Tim Lumbini had played an important role in celebrating Buddha Jayanti.  The sacred role of Lord Gautam Buddha, considered to be the messenger of peace, was reached by Indreni Tim.

Laughing, joking, joking, engaging in the field of artistry, laughing, giving public awareness message in the society, giving from their talents, artists are the pride of the nation, the words spoken by them reach the ears of many people in the society.  The Indreni program is a program that continues its journey to preserve culture and culture.  The rainbow program that has been awakening people has become like a temple.  Being a charioteer of the Nepali people, he has been a great person to help the poor in their miserable homes.

Some people have fun, while others do not even get food or treatment.  People who are passionate about donating when they have it and helping others when they don’t have it have come to the Indreni program.  He has treated thousands of untreated people, and he has prophesied millions.  Working during the day and walking at night, Kadel’s team is always at the service of the people.

People have been believing in Kadel with their eyes closed, trying to establish culture in the society as per the needs of the people.  He is considered as one of the great personalities of the Nepali society. He is remembered by the people of Nepal in times of happiness and sorrow.  The rainbow team is constantly fighting to revive the culture.  People are struggling with life and death without any treatment, they have no one to help them.

Even in the present situation, people are suffering a lot.  Kadel has become the living god of the poor people by using the money sent by Nepali citizens in the country and abroad.  People who do not trust the government of Nepal have great faith in the leaders of the society.  The selfishness of the people has set fire to the stove of many and many have got a future.  We survive because of the contribution of some people.  The rainbow is not just a bag of ordinary people.  Which has saved thousands of dying citizens.

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