Indreni singers Kalpana Dahal and Pradip Roka weep bitterly, Kalpana’s brother repeated the day he left the world.

After three or four years, the senior folk double singers, who have won the first wooden folk doubles competition, are now seen as judges. After winning the title of Kathe Lok Dohori Competition, famous folk singers Kalpana Dahal and Pradip Roka, who got the opportunity to be known among the audience, now consider themselves lucky to be seen as judges on the same stage.

While participating in the first wooden Lok Dohori Mahatsab while struggling, Huda Kalpana in the last stage reminded herself of the sad moment when she lost her brother forever and the moment she won the competition, she said. According to Kalpana, the forum also reminded her of the pain she felt when she heard the news of the loss of her friend, a brother who always supported her.

Kalpana Dahal, a popular singer in the country and abroad, is a singer who has won the hearts and minds of many viewers. . Pradip Roka has played an important role in the field of music by constantly struggling in the field of folk music rehearsals, carrying his own identity. Artists who are the pride of the country are working to take the country on a positive path.

“People have to separate the milk from the milk and the water from the water when they are sitting in the decision-making chair. They are in a dilemma. They should not do bad things to anyone, even if they have done good,” she said. He said that anyone who has been struggling in Nepali music for a long time should respect each other’s talents. Kalpana Dahal is a singer who has made a name for herself in the field of folk dubbing.

By manipulating the knowledge and skills that a person has learned, by creating a distinct identity, people have decided on the journey ahead, which has given a positive light to their lives. In recent times, new artists have started appearing in the popular arena of the same generation, which has also served to inspire and inspire the people in the field of art.

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