Indreni team came together in the media

In this video, the team including Indreni’s team shows the grief of the family due to the separation of their son who is going to go abroad in Lovely Para Part 2. Krishna Kadel has said that in part one, the song is a joke, but in part two, the song is emotional and touches the story of Nepali society. Kadel has said that this is the best song of the year. Krishna and Pratima, who played the role of parents, said that they were very emotional. He said that the music video acted by Anjali Adhikari will touch the hearts of all Nepali and Nepali brothers and sisters abroad.

Yubaraj Chaulagai, who has been working with the Indreni program since two years ago, along with his wife, talked to Kamal Sargam, the presenter of laligurash daily, about his past experiences and various facts. He has just released his new song, Indreni, from the YouTube channel, by shooting it. .

He said that he lost his mother before he realized it in his life, he did not know her face anywhere, he said that when he remembers the pains he has in his life, he remembers that he would have been very happy to be with his family now. He said that his desire to rejoice in happiness and sorrow was fulfilled by being with Krishna Kadel, and he found happiness in every step of his life by mixing with the people of every community who were suffering in life. He said that when he came to Kathmandu 13-14 years ago, he sat in a dark room after cooking lentils and rice for the same fare.

He said that after working as a brick tile carrier at the beginning, he gradually worked as a colorist, donut maker, vegetable shop, hotel cashier, singing songs, and as a radio program presenter. In the song of Labali Para part 2 of Yubaraj’s Laya Shabd Skarjan, the voice of Yubaraj and Santi Sri Pariyar is in the song, he said that the song was prepared by the whole team of Indreni by acting in the same way, by bringing up the Nepali language culture and traditions. She said that she was very happy when the audience liked the song day by day and got a good response to it.

Yuvraj’s wife has told her that she is sure that the song will be successful. He said that since Kamal and Yubraj are men who grew up in the same village, they already have a love for each other. He said that Yubaraj has been able to make the journey till now by suffering various hardships from a young age to improve his economic, social and intellectual status. He said that Yubraj, who first started his journey with business, is now working in Indreni and has not come in contact with him for a long time.

He said that after joining the Indreni team, even though it was difficult to work, he was very happy to fulfill the desire in his heart. The program broadcasted by Himalaya Television and the Indreni YouTube channel will be watched by people from abroad. do The Indreni program, which is in the hearts of millions of viewers, has given birth to many heroes, and has turned into a temple that has saved the lives of many. The program, which has been continuously promoting the positive culture of the poor and helpless in the villages, has now become the heart of millions of viewers.

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