Indreni viral singer Kalpana, getting married to American citizen Punya Prasad in America

Viral singer Kalpana Dahal, who gained fame from the Nepali folk music scene, is going to move to America after marrying her boyfriend Punya Prasad Acharya. They, who have been in love for a long time, have said that they are going to go to America after having a court marriage, as they cannot get married soon due to the death of someone at home. She has said that she will sit in both places, Nepal and America.

Singer Kalpana Dahal, who went viral by singing songs in the folk dohori area, rose to the top of the limelight when she teamed up with Indreni. Kalpana told that after talking about it from home 4-5 years ago, they are close to each other, after getting married in some time, after living in Nepal more, they are going to get married and go to America. Kalpana said that although her husband also hums songs, she will come to Kalakarita area later. Kalpana said that no matter how far people are, when they become close friends, they feel like people close to them.

Some time ago, Kalpana revealed about her marriage on her birthday. She said that even though she always celebrates her birthday with her family, this year she is happy to celebrate her birthday with her friends in Kathmandu. She has said that adding an enthusiasm to life while struggling with different types of pleasures in life increases the desire to work in the mind. Kalpana Dahal, a singer who has gained popularity in the country and abroad, is a singer who has been able to stay in the hearts of many viewers. Her words have a special kind of beauty added to them, so many viewers like her. .

Pradip Roka has played an important role in the field of music by constantly striving in the field of folk music and carrying his own distinct identity. Kalakar, who is the pride of the country, is working to take the country on a positive path. During the struggle, he participated in the first Kathe Lok Dohori important, and in the last stage, Kalpana lost his brother forever and the moment of sadness and the competition. She said that she used to remind herself of the moment when she won.

He said that people who have been struggling in Nepali song music for a long time should respect each other’s talent. Kalpana Dahal, a very popular singer in the folk dohori field, is a singer who has settled in the hearts of those who listen to live dohori songs. People have passed on the skills and knowledge they have learned to the audience, created a distinct identity, and set a future journey, thus giving positive light to their lives. In recent times, in the folk duhori field, which is loved by the people of that generation, new Kalakars have started to appear continuously, which has also worked to give encouragement to the people who are involved in the Kalakarita field.

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