Information on recruitment of Nepali women in Indian Army is wrong

Nepali women will also be able to join the Indian Army. The Welfare Branch of the Indian Embassy in Nepal has issued a notice stating that Nepali women can also join the Indian Army. This News is wrong:

It is mentioned in the notification that those who are interested can apply till July 20. Elections will be held in Ambal, Lucknow, Jawalpur, Belgaum, Pune and Selangor in India.

Those who have not reached the age of 17 years 6 months to 21 years, have passed at least 10 classes and are 152 cm tall can apply. Gurkha candidates have been given a discount of up to 4 cm, while in the case of heroic women, a discount of up to 30 years has been given.

In the information issued in Nepali language, the criteria of physical examination has also been specified. The daughters of soldiers, Bhupu soldiers, brave women and widowed soldiers will get a discount of 2 kg in weight and a bonus of 20 points in the written test.

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