Instead of Paul I would be imprisoned , Tiktoker Rhydham cried and begged Tanuhu to take him prison.

Today’s headline is with Nepal program presenter Sanjib Regmi, who became famous from Tiktik, and later also the best artist in the TV series Rhythm Chhetri.  Rhythm Paul Sah, who once lived in Tiktok Live, has said that he will stay in jail for life until he is released.  He said that as he is a big fan of Paul Sah, he wants to take his picture and go straight to jail if the law allows. He wants to release Sah.  To be an artist doing.

Fans of Paul Sah were also disappointed when the date of the High Court debate, which was scheduled to be held on December 7, was shifted to the local level election.  He said that since no one should make fun of the law, it would play a vital role in bringing out the real issues and bringing justice.  Despite living and struggling in the country and abroad, artists love their country and their work very much.  He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.  Paul Sah is one of his favorite artists. He is happy with his performance and work. Many artists are happy with him.

After the alleged girl changed her statement in the Tanahu court, the artiste up to Durgesh Thapa along with the girl had gone to the court to file a writ petition in the Nawalpur court.  He said that Durgesh Thapa had given a backlash saying that it was not a real incident but an incident that had increased based on the reaction on social media.  After the girl suddenly changed her statement, after posting a post on her social network for a long time, now many people have started giving different reactions.  After registering the case, the girl did not respond on social media. After a long time, people started giving different reactions after writing that I love you and I can lose for you, I can celebrate your victory, I can die and kill for you.

In the petition, the victim has declared that the incident took place in Pokhara on 2077-09-10 and in Tanahu on 2078-01-14 and there is a legal provision to lodge a complaint within one year of the incident.  Paul Sah, the protagonist who was sent to jail for trial on the basis of the petition filed by the minor singer alleging rape, has directed the Pokhara High Court against the order given by the district court against Tanahu.  Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, Information Officer of the Pokhara High Court, informed that a petition has been filed in the High Court seeking the same.

Paul will now be held in solitary confinement and will be sentenced to life in prison if convicted by both courts.  According to the law, Paul Sah will be sentenced by the same court if he is found guilty in the same case in two different places.  After talking on the phone and saying that there were a lot of rumors about us, we sat down and verbally agreed to marry the girl when she was 20 years old.  Sah said that he would do it in his own way

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