Interesting introduction of Miss Nepal Namrata Shrestha

There are beauty pageants and various other beauty pageants in the country and abroad. There are also beauty pageants from Nepal.  It is more important for people to be beautiful in their art than to be beautiful. Lately, the number of people participating in beauty pageants has been increasing.  She has struggled a lot in her life till today. She has also participated in this year’s beauty pageant.

After a gap of five years, Namrata, who has been struggling to lift the tupi to be known for her pride in history, is thinking of participating in the tippi.  I don’t know where to go from here. It’s time to change Anab. It took a long time for the defeated humility to heal the wounds of her heart.

Namrata, who failed to win the title of Miss Nepal for the first time in 2016, was very sad in her life. It took her a long time to heal the wound in her heart. She had struggled a lot to forget it.  Hunder should be eaten. The same thing was applied to her tongue. She says that it took her 5 years to forget that.

After the children learned from their lives that they should not make themselves superheroes, she came back with the same old thinking.  She says that she has not been able to observe the place where she grew up properly. She said in her introductory video that Nepal is the abode of Jibait Deb Debi.

It is scheduled to take place on December 16, 2020. It will be attended by 108 people. Before Korna, Yash’s self was stopped. Soon there will be Miss Word Beach Barry. This is the 17th edition that has been stopped due to Korna.  The proposal was won by the title. Nepal is likely to win this year as well. Competitor No. 18 Namrata Chandragiri came from Butwal.  In response, he said that technology is a wonderful art because it brings people from far away closer together. He said that he does not believe that it has affected his personal life

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