International standard toothpick of Nepali bamboo.

In order to do something new in Nepal, Kisan Tiwari is involved in producing toothpicks by bringing new machine tools from China to produce new quality goods from bamboo being produced in Nepal. While Nepalis are going abroad for employment, he is bringing Chinese people to Nepal and giving them employment. He said that the work was started with the aim of making young people do something new in Nepal.

He said that in the past, China used to supply the same to Tithpik, but now the Chinese company is also supplying the same by producing it. He said that he has been producing technically sound and similar products in the market. If people do something, there is a lot of potential in Nepal. Kisan also drowned after investing in the business once before, even bringing foreign workers to run the business in Nepal. After finishing his studies, he applied for a job as he did not have any investment, but he wanted to start his own business.

After Kisan, who had applied for the job, told his friends about his plans, he started a company and started working. Kisan, who was in trouble at the beginning, is now pursuing his business with fun. People fall behind after learning something new in life, even when they can’t do it wisely, then he pursued his goal of doing something with the help of a friend. Kisan, who initially did not find a market in Nepal, used to send goods abroad, but now he says that his product is slowly finding a market in Nepal as well.

He says that the entire Nepali raw material used is now being supplied abroad as well. Considering the possibility of producing ample bass in Nepal, he has thought of using his skills to serve everyone from Nepal. He has also reduced the number of people who have to go out for employment. He says that there is a lot of potential for bass cultivation as it is easy to cultivate bass and cultivate it on any land. People used to understand bass as wood used by poor people, but now people are beginning to understand its importance.

Pranab says that he makes various materials from the bass, house, chair, table, rack, bed, water and rent. He says that he has worked to increase Nepali production rather than making money. If you look for opportunities in Nepal, you don’t have to go anywhere. There are many examples of people who can earn many times more in Nepal than abroad. Kisan, who had suffered a lot in the beginning, did not give up his job in any way, hoping to be happy tomorrow. He had taken her far ahead by struggling a lot, he had continued his work by suffering a lot.

Kisan, who has achieved success in a short period of time, has proved that if he works hard, he can earn more money in Nepal in a short period of time than abroad. People are shedding their blood and sweat abroad considering it a shame to work in Nepal. Opportunities in their home country are staring at people, but people are also making their journey abroad. If people try to do something in Nepal without diligence and hard work, they will soon succeed. Kisan has become an example of the fact that if people think of doing something of their own and keep on making eight, then they don’t have time to lift the front bar. In order for a person to do something in his life, he must first completely improve his mood, so that he can change his life

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