Interview with Aakash and Pooja

New music videos have been brought to the market by artists who have made a distinct identity in the field of Nepali music and acting. He said that Shiv Pariyar has given his voice in this song in a different kind of song than the songs he has sung before. Struggling in the field of Nepali song and music for a long time, his talent has created a unique wave in the market.

Karuna, who is presented as a couple in this music video, is shocked when Aakash chooses Pooja, she is angry that love should not be forced. He said that although he had a great desire to work with Rajesh Puma Rai, even though he failed in the end, he is very happy to work together now. He said that because this team is good in all areas, it will touch the hearts of the audience. He said that the song is suitable for the new society of today. Nirajan Pradhan and Karuna Shrestha are the actors in this music video, Karuna said that she was happy and happy when she went to the East and West and worked in a different way.

Akash said that even though he was a little sick, he enjoyed shooting after seeing the good team and the team’s energy and enthusiasm. Karuna has said that due to her habit of not flowing much in social networks and other things, she does not know what is happening outside. Even though some of her friends from outside said that she was having a love affair with Akash, she said that she was in love with him. She said that people don’t know much about it because they make it bigger even if they have a relationship with a friend from outside. Since Karuna does not talk about her private life, she said that she will not talk about it.

Shiva said that after having a good relationship, there is no need to hide it, as the two will become a good couple. Shiv Pariyar, who was born on Bhagun 9, 2039, has now been able to stay in the hearts of many people with his songs. In 2056, he studied at Fine Arts Campus for higher education. After he met Chandan Kumar Shrestha there, Shiv Pariyar says that he reached here because of the inspiration he got from him. In the year 2059, modern side radio became the best in Nepal, he started his professional singing journey. His Saili Geet in Phewa Lake, which became public in the year 2062, has received widespread discussion.

Shiv Pariyar, who was born in Sarlahi, says that the reactions and suggestions of people who think in the village before and now are different. He says that no one in his generation has come to Kathmandu, a person born in a low-class farmer’s family does not have big dreams. People who don’t even know what to study after SLC, say that they will not dream big if they understand now. Shiva says that when he took part in the children’s song competition in 2051, he was beaten by a friend and took his name, he did not know that he was singing.

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