Interview with Akash and Pooja

The hero Aakash Shrestha has reached Nepal to receive the blessings of the elderly in the loving arms of the Nepalese while staying at the movie theater. Aakash has said that since Pooja has gone abroad for his work, the whole team misses him, he said that he has not been able to contact him till now. He said that he was very happy when Sneh Kakh decorated him as a bridegroom, he said that he felt very happy when he came to Sneh Kakh.

Akash Shrestha Puja Sarma said that they are not far away and they are working closely with friendship. Kalakar Pooja Sarma and Aakash Shrestha, who have been loved by the audience in the music video and film industry, had come to a standstill some time ago and even stopped speaking. In the music video that was shot some time ago, after it came out that Aakas and Pooja returned after shooting, there was a discussion on social media giving various reactions.

He said that Pooja and Akash, regardless of what some media say, because the audience likes them, they will continue to work as two wheels of the same car. The two said that they have a close friendship, even though sometimes they cannot talk because of the stress of work and they are working separately. The film “Remembering Birsna” starring Pooja Sharma, who is known as a successful actress in the Nepali film industry, is about to be released on June 31. This song was shot in Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Thamel. Pooja, who was seen with Akas in this movie, said that it would be easier for her to work with Paul, because she would be able to joke with him, she remembers him every moment.

She said that there are many people who praise Puja when they are close to her, and criticize when they are far away. After a long time, when Pooja and Aakash were paired in the movie Yaman Birsna, Pooja said why should she worry if she is a person who is holding on to her hotness. Pooja, who is in love with war, has said that she should stop blaming people for the same accusation. Kalakar, Akas Shrestha and Pooja Sarma, who have been continuously fighting in the Nepali Kalakarita sector, are Kalakar who have created a distinct identity in the minds of the audience. The music video and movie acted by Pooja Sarma are doing well, and the movie and music video played by Akas also got a good response in the market. are

These couples who are engaged in the Nepali Kalakarita sector were once very popular when they were working together, but after the news came out that their relationship was broken, they started working separately. The closer people are, the more quarrels and disputes they have, at one time there was some distance between Puja and Akas, who were very close, which was shown by the media. Akas has said that they have always been close and the media only magnified the small differences, but he said that the relationship did not break as the audience thought. There is a lot of difference between people looking at something closely and from a distance.

Akas has said that it is very good that Pooja is active in completing any work after starting it. Pooja has said that no matter how angry Akas is, he has a good ability to control him. Aakas said that it would have been better if Pooja had corrected her habit of getting angry quickly, but Pooja said that sometimes Aakas needs a quick response, but she said that the habit of replying late when messaging him should be corrected. Pooja said that in the real life of a person, a villain is a person, since people start their life by playing with different types of nature, the person they meet in their life teaches them a lesson.

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