Interview with Alka Subedi beautiful ‘Chiawali’ in the media.

Dinesh Dhakal likes to sing while playing the guitar. He never thought that he would one day be known as a singer. But not without the desire to be known as a singer. He is in a daze after his song ‘Relimai in Black Hair, Tied Ribbon’ went viral on YouTube and Tiktok.

While humming the song along with the guitar tune among his friends, he would think, “Can I record a song?” Although his dream of becoming a singer was dashed with time, he wrote some lyrics in the lockdown during the Corona epidemic. Among them, ‘Relimai in black hair’ drawn in folk rhythm is now hanging on the tongues of the youth.

The last priority for recording was the song ‘Kalima Keshama Relimai’. He prefers to sing pop songs and has previously given priority to recording pop songs. He wanted to release his song in collaboration with ‘Artmandu’. He was attracted by the works of Artmandu, who used a different style in music. He met Ankit Babu Adhikari amidst the hustle and bustle of connecting with Artmandu. Overcoming many doubts in his mind, he met Ankit with confidence.

He sang all the songs prepared in his own composition. After singing all the pop tune songs, he finally sang ‘Relimai in black hair’. After listening to the tune, Ankit advised others to work on the same song. Meanwhile, model Alka Subedi has appeared in the media. Alka, who got a lot of attention from the song, is now known as Chiawali. She said this while talking to Shishir Bhandari. Watch the video

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