Interview with Ashu Neupane

The model, who has received a lot of love from the audience through many music videos, has brought her song to the market, from which she is also getting a lot of love from the audience. She said that something should not have happened to Paul Sah, while working with Nazir and Sudhir, she said that she got the opportunity to learn many things.

Singer Anu Chaudhary, who has been struggling for a long time in Nepali song music, has said that she will not bring her talents to the market until Paul Shah is released from jail. The artists who have been struggling in the field of Nepali art for a long time, she said that she did not like to work in that field when she was in artist prison. People put their talent in the market on a daily basis. On the occasion of Haritalika Tej, the great festival of Hindus, a new Teej song “Tijaiko Ramzham” has been released in the market with singer Anu Choudhary’s voice and model Neupane.

She has said that she is sure that the audience will like Annu, her special song, which is the most popular when Tharu Bhasa songs are released. Singer Annu, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali music for a long time, said that she will bring her talents to the market after Paul Sah’s departure, even though she has given voice to other songs. She said that she once went to jail to meet Paul Sah, and after breaking up with him, there was talk of releasing versions 2 and 3 of the previous songs.

She said that Paul is innocent because he likes people’s actions and behavior. Anu, who has been singing 15-20 songs a month, has said that she sings most of the songs in languages ​​such as Nepali Maithili Tharu. She said that although singers from outside came to sing the songs of their community, now Tharu Chowdhurys are gradually appearing in the field of song music.

Born and brought up in Dhakari, Kailali, Annu has recently said that she is best in the field of song and music. She has said that she is constantly fighting that artists born in the West should revive their language culture. Anu has said that since she has not sung a rock type song till now, she wants to sing a rock song. She has said that since the Osejan song she made has given her a lot of love, she will release Paul Sah from jail to release its version 2-3 later.

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