Interview with Namrata Sapkota Sanam Kathayat

Artist Namarta Shrestha, who has been successful in one project after another in the field of art, has launched a music video featuring Sanam and Anita Chaane. Sanam said that since he has prepared the story by covering his childhood memories, it will play a positive role in the society. Sanam said that although they did not work together before, they are closely watching each other’s work and have a good relationship.

In the music video, Namarata has lashed out at how quickly you have gone viral, while Sanam is flattered by the fact that Sanam has apple-shaped cheeks like a doll. She said that Namarata does not like to call her Kali, but she likes Namara very much. She said that even though it is a matter of stabbing when you are betrayed in love, you cannot stab when you believe in love. She said that there are two types of people and whoever should give a good response. Namarata said that it feels very good when she puts her hand on someone’s shoulder on screen and makes love.

A new song featuring the special role of Kalakar Namrata Sapkota and Sanam, who have made their own identity in the field of Nepali song music, has been released. Recently, with the lifting of the lockdown, new songs are coming in the market day by day. He said that the lyrics and music video of this song were made by Mayalu Para. Sanam has said that he has taken various initiatives in order to deceive modesty in the song, Sanam has said that the words are about the facts that are happening in the society of men and women, he has said that he has made it including the activities that take place in people’s lives. The meaning of any word, wherever it is taken, the response comes accordingly.

He said that even now he is doing it regularly, giving entertainment to people. Sanam has said that she is also married and after getting married, they will have a lot of fun when they play. He said that since people have their own goals and desires in their lives, Namarata may have had the desire to get married and give birth to children.

He said that since various kinds of incidents are happening in the society, he will also work accordingly and everything will be arranged when the time comes. He said that no person should be rude when he says something wrong, even if he thinks it’s okay, but someone who can’t hear it with their ears or see it with their eyes will feel very bad. Namrata said that no matter what people say from the outside, it is different from the inside. He said that since the two are close friends, they get the opportunity to learn a lot from each other.

No matter how much a person wants, he cannot be loved by everyone, and even if he is not loved by others, he will never stop being loved by himself. Even though people look at the society, they leave thousands and millions of dreams in their heart in the middle, which causes a lot of pain in people’s lives. She said that Sanam brings her songs to the market by including the things she has seen and heard in her life. She has said that in life, she does not worry much about what others have said in her mind. She has said that she is moving her life forward by doing good for someone in life.

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