Interview with Riyasha and Bhatbhata

Begum Nepali (Bhatbhater) and Riyasha Dahal (Putli), two actors of Nepali comedy TV series Garo Cha Ho, have played each other’s roles in Global TV HD. By acting in many fields including Nepali serial music videos, artists who have been able to give entertaining social message to the audience, have become husbands and wives in light fun and have shown the real events happening in the society in the story.

They incorporate into the story the real-time, domestic, and political work done in the society in a humorous way. Not only entertaining but also entertaining the people, they have been going abroad to show their performances. He said that he was very happy to see the performance of a woman and a man in the field of Nepali art and that he would always respect the love of the audience. “Because we are working together, even though the husband and wife are married to Begum in real life, we are just the characters in the story,” he said.

Begum, who made a comedy TV series by touching a good bisaya object, has also made the audience laugh. The artist, who was born by him, used to make the audience laugh by saying that he had earned money. Begum and Riyasa, who have established themselves in the field of Nepali art, had a fun presentation at the event.

Bhatbhate, who started his career in comedy, has said that after leaving the field of art, he will start working in agriculture. He creates stories by touching someone’s tongue, touching real events that have taken place in the society. Riyasa said that if he had not been involved in the field of art, he would have been working abroad after completing his studies. He said that now youtube has not given us much money, people have cut their videos and put them on their page, so they are losing money. He had said that even if he asked his wife Putali to be the heroine in the movie, he should not play the movie as a couple.

In the current situation, he has been creating stories and presenting his own presentations. As he plans to make the film a hit, he said that he had to play the film himself. To make a movie, you need a good actor, and you have to play better than anyone else, said Bhatbhate. He used to make Riyasa regular, as well as sing songs. Bhatbhata, who was entertaining the audience, made the audience laugh while Riyasa was dancing. He hugged Riyasa and made her laugh. Riyasa was angry.

Begum Nepali, who not only entertains but also gives a positive message to the viewers, has won the hearts of many viewers through her handsome TV series ‘Garo Chah Ho Malai’. Garo has told me that even though he is from a poor family, he is working to entertain people and earn money by billing. Riyasa Dahal, who is seen as his wife, is said to be angry that she does not earn money and persecutes others by doing bad deeds. In the stage self program in Nawalpur, both of them entertained the audience by giving their presentations. He has been showing the events that have taken place in the society from somewhere, by including them in his story. While entertaining the people, Begum and Riyasa entertained the audience in Nawalpur.

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