Interview with Suman

Comedian Suman Karki, who is very popular among the younger generation, is gaining popularity day by day. Suman Karki has been seen in various comedy serials, making people excited by making other people’s art look like this. His talent has been highly appreciated by people in the country and abroad. Nowadays, his busyness is increasing day by day.

Suman Karki, who imitates many artists, journalists, leaders and ordinary people, especially Rishi Dhamala, a well-known Nepali media personality, has made him even more popular. Sage Dhamala is also very surprised to see his imitation. While giving an interview on akabare online, Suman, after being hit by a crow from above Suman, he laughed that the crow did not do this. Karki has said that he has started imitating others since he started working in radio 10 years ago.

He said that he has been constantly imitating others since eight years ago. “Before, we had to watch the whole thing on radio, television and serials, but now a small part of Tiktok is very viral,” Karki said. He said that even though he used to imitate in the past, now he has to do better, so he has been working hard. He said that when he imitated a famous journalist, he thought that he would get hurt, but when he met him, it did not make any difference.

“Until now, imitating others has sometimes been a bit confusing, so sometimes it hurts others,” he said. “A lot of people are happy to like their talent now,” he said. He said that his face seemed to be similar to Balen Sah’s and that he was happy to be associated with a young leader who is now in the spotlight. Now that the country’s head of state has also succeeded in politics, it is not wrong for any artist to go into politics, he said.

In Nepal, artists are treated as if they were used by politicians in elections, but not so much later, he said. “Since Sadiksha is our best friend on the screen, even though we look different on the screen, we are good friends from the outside,” he said. Although many people mimic faces in all areas, in some places they mimic sounds, he said. He said that many people are happy to see what he has done now.

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