interviewing Arjuna dancing Pooja-Aakash; Arjun’s fun with Kiran, Puja Akash Huda is very fun

The music video for the song “Samjhana Birsana” is about to be shot at Gokarna Resort, with vocals by Kiran Gajmer and Anju Pant. Although they have been wanting to sing together for a long time, due to time constraints, they have not been able to get close, and now the situation has given them a chance to sing the first song of the film, said Kiran. In the song sung daily by Puja and Akash, Arjun has an interview with Kiran, Madan has a lot of fun with Arjun. Arjun said that he was very happy to work with the entertainment in the movie.

Actors Puja Sarma and Akash Shrestha, who are very popular in the music video and film industry, came out of the fray some time ago and even came out to talk. In the music video that was shot only a week ago, after it came out that Akash and Puja had returned without speaking, there was a lot of discussion on social media. Puja and Aakash, some media outlets, said that the viewers liked them even while writing, so they will continue to work as two wheels of Ekrath. Sometimes, due to the stress of work, even though they can’t talk when they work separately, the two have said that they have a close friendship.

The movie “Samjhana Birsana” starring Puja Sharma and others, who are known as successful actresses in the Nepali film industry, is preparing to be released on July 15. The song was filmed at Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Thamel. She said that she remembers every moment of her life as she found it easier to work with Paul and to flirt with him. She said that there are many people who praise her when she is close to them and also comment when she is far away. After a long time, when the movie Samjhana Birsana connects Puja and Akash, Puja has expressed her worries about what it is like to be a person who takes care of her hot ness.

Puja, who is in love with the war, said that people should stop blaming people for the same thing. Aakash Shrestha and Puja Sarma, who have been constantly struggling in the field of Nepali art, have made a name for themselves in the minds of the audience. Are. The couple, who are involved in the field of Nepali art, had a lot of buzz when they were working together. After the news came out that their relationship had deteriorated, they started working separately.

The closer people get, the more quarrels they have. There was a time when there was some distance between the worship and the sky, which were very close, which was shown by the media. He said that Akash has always been close to them and the media has only shown the small differences in a big way, but the relationship has not deteriorated as expected by the viewers. There is a big difference between looking at something closely and looking at it from a distance. Aakas said that it is very good for Puja to be actively involved in whatever work he starts and ends it.

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