Introduction youngest parliament member of Rabi Lamichhane RSP- Sovita Gautam

Sovita Gautam, who was elected as a member of the House of Representatives in Kathmandu Region No. 2 on behalf of the National Independent Party, said that she was entrusted with the responsibility after the people won. A television program presenter and advocate Sobita Gautam has said that she will continuously take her steps forward to shape the future of the country and the people.

Celebrities rushed to support Sobita Gautam, who became the youngest MP of the country. Onsari Gharti Magar, former Speaker of CPN-Maoist Party, and Maniram Phuyal of CPN-UML were the main opponents of Sobita. Sobita, who won the election with a senior politician, said that she spent only 2 lakhs in the election and that she faced many challenges. She said that the new party, there is no interest in politics at home, all friends have gone abroad, women are not with them, people who are in different parties are not able to support them openly.

Thanking the voters on Wednesday afternoon, she said that Kathmandu Region No. 2 has made history again. Sobita said that the mother has taken her daughter forward by giving her valuable opinion and trusting her to all the people, so she will continue to believe in her. She said, “Yesterday, I had only my family with me when I submitted my candidature. Today, the voters of Kathmandu-2 have also joined my family. Sobita said that since the people of Kathmandu have entrusted the responsibility, I will fulfill your dreams.

This time, it has made history by selecting the youngest and female candidate,’ she said. Gautam was elected with 15,229 votes. After the distortions started spreading in Nepali politics, a new power was exposed when the common citizens stopped trusting the big parties and started moving towards independence. Sobita Gautam, who became a candidate from the National Independent Party started by Rabi Lamichhane, who has spent a long time in the communication field, is now seen in the polling station where power is buzzing from all sides to win the call bomb.

There is a craze like celebrities in the polling station when the competent young people who are on a different path are seen in Nepali politics. From the famous singer Rabi Od to ​​the well-known respected journalist Rajatpat Uncle Prakash Subedhi, he campaigned saying that Nepali politics should be reformed. It has been seen that there is energy in the voters that people who can develop the country and the people should emerge in Nepali politics and new youth should come. Pukaar Bomb said that because there is no idea that only big parties and leaders who are doing politics are needed for the development of the country, now the people will change their opinion.

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