Is Nepal Airlines Corporation going to be sold?

The Nepal Airlines Corporation is in turmoil at the moment saying that it is a conspiracy to maintain Rs 50 billion out of the Rs 80 billion assets of the Nepal Airlines Corporation and sell 49 percent of it to the private sector. Officials of the Nepal Airlines Corporation say that the assets of the corporation have not been assessed. The then officials of the corporation had decided to buy a wide-bodied flight for 1,000 hours without buying a new one. When asked why this is the case, when buying a new one, the seller said that the old ship will be delivered soon and the corporation will be raised quickly. Therefore, everyone had to worry.

Initially, the officials of the corporation said that it was true, but the investigation revealed that an old ship had been purchased for a commission. It is said that Airbus is preparing to buy the old one instead of the new one as it has rejected the system of paying commission. But later the corporation brought a new ship. There is a master plan on how this is possible. The company in the setting gave a new ship to Airbus and sold the same ship to the corporation. Although the Airbus did not agree to pay the commission, the intermediary company did. After the middleman company charged high tax to pay the commission, another low tax company was opened and transactions were done through it. It looked like a new ship. But the then General Manager Sugatratna Kanskar finalized the old systematic plan for the commission.

In the investigation by the parliamentary committee on the Widebody case, there was already a lot of discussion about the government’s indifference in the investigation. Now, the issue of taking the corporation to the company voters has come up again. According to Deep Prasad Pokhrel, managing director of the corporation, the corporation is now doing what the government has instructed. It has been heard that secret preparations are being made to give 49 percent of the 80 billion shares of the corporation to the private sector and foreign companies while maintaining 50 billion shares. Corporation General Manager Dim Prasad Poudel, on the other hand, has claimed that the capital of the new company will be Rs 50 billion. But outside, it has been alleged that the total assets of the corporation have been increased to Rs 50 billion.

The employees of the corporation do not believe in the claim of the management of the corporation. Therefore, the employees have joined the movement. The employees have started agitation saying that there is no transparency in the decision making process. According to the employees of the corporation, the unilateral decision taken without any discussion will not benefit the nation and the corporation and this decision will not be in the interest of the employees of the corporation. Ninety percent of the workers in the movement are those who do not understand the issue. The remaining 10 percent of the employees have been paid only by showing up. Those who have joined the corporation have started agitation saying that they will have to work.

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