Is Oli really ready to step down?

Is Oli really ready to step down? Is really kp sharma oli want to step down?

Khadka Prasad Sharma Oli, mostly known as K.P.Sharma Oli, recognized as KP baa among the Nepalese youths. He was born on 22th February, 1952 in Terhathum. He was married with Radhika Shakya. His father name is Mohan prasad Oli and mother is Madhu oli. His father used to be a farmer to run their family. His mother Madhu died because of the smallpox when he was at the age of four. After the death of his mother, he was raised by her grandmother Rammaya. Sharma is the eldest child of Madhu and Mohan. His nationality is Nepali. He had done his academic education through Himalayan Secondary School. He completed his primary level education from Tehrathum and after then, he moved to Jhapa district in 1962. He has a sibling name Bishu devi Siwakoti. He is a Nepali politician and also a current prime minister of Nepal.

He had also gained the post of prime minister before as well from 11 October 2015 to 3 August 2016. Under the new constitution, he was the first elected prime minister. He is from the Nepal communist party (2018-2021). Oli began his career in politics in 1966 in opposite to the party less Panchayat system. He had joined “The Communist Party of Nepal” in February 1970. He was arrested in 1970 for the first time because of the involvement in subversive politics. After one year, he had also become the district committee member of the party. He soon become the chief of the Jhapa movement organizing committee. Oli was imprisoned inside the jail for about 14 years (from 1973 to 1987) because of being against the autocratic Panchayat System. He had become a central committee member of Communist party of Nepal after the release from the prison in 1987. He had also become the in charge of the Lumbini zone until 1990. He was elected as a House of Representative from the Jhapa district in 1991. He was also appointed for the chief of the foreign relations department of the CPN(UML).

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