Is Smarika Dhakal in love? Binu Raut, Tank Budhathoki

Along with festival Mela Mahatsab, music videos are also coming in the field of Nepali song and music. As the great festival of Nepali women approaches Tij, artists are eager to bring Tij special songs to the market. The song “Tij Ko Lahar Aayo Barilai” starring Saru Deuja Swar and Smarika Dhakal, Binu Raut Tank Budhathoki and special role is being shot. Binubra Smarika says that she used to wear vermilion and while acting, she felt like she was married. Smarika says that she is in love with everyone, but she also says that she is not in love.

Kalakar, Tank Budhathoki and Saru Deuja, who have been struggling in the field of Nepali song and music for a long time, said that they are confident of getting the love of the audience in their second project as well as in the first. She said that the comments made by various viewers on the network made her feel good if she was happy, and the comments made in a way that hurt others made her feel bad. She said that she had entered Kathmandu with many dreams after the souvenir of Jhapa started hitting Dhakal Tiktok. After getting divorced from her husband a few years after her marriage, she says that people’s outlook has changed.

Mattie says after leaving her husband while making a tick with a smile, she says that after her husband made a tick while crying, a reaction started coming in the line. She has won the hearts of the viewers by putting into practice the events that happened in her life, expressing them in sweet words. Man does not know anything until he is overwhelmed by it.

How amazing it is for a human being to plan to close the rest of his life for the rest of his life. She says that after one way was closed in life, the second way was opened in Jibanam by applying the proverb that God opens another way. Like the words and gestures spoken on the ticket, the number of people who like him on the ticket is very high. Those who admire her work say that she still feels the same way, and she says that she is still working after the divorce. Smarika, who came to Kathmandu while decorating thousands of dreams in the village, and her sister-in-law have won the trust of the family.

Smarika, who has won the hearts of many in Tiktok, says that the video of her reaching out to the people concerned with her views is more encouraging than liking her. She says that she is happy because she has received good inspiration from many people. She says that now she is raising her voice over social events. Although she was sad at the beginning, now that she has lost gold, she has found a diamond. She also urges her family not to forget the purpose of raising the floor in Tiktok.

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