Is the dollar gone now? How will European countries supply fuel?

As many countries in the world market trade in US dollars, the US and the dollar are now dominating the world market, many countries in the world are now running out of dollars, which is affecting Nepal as well. Countries including Russia and India are likely to reduce their dollar trade in the world market and trade in their own rupee. The war in Russia and Ukraine has also caused a shortage of dollars in the market.

As oil trade in the international market is in dollars, the countries have started keeping the dollar in check. Some time ago, Saudi Arabia agreed to export in dollars. With the news of the payment in yuan coming out, the dollar’s dominance is likely to end. According to recent figures, China imports 11 million barrels of crude oil, of which 1.7 million comes from Audi.

China buys 1.5 million barrels per day from Russia. China is now one of the world’s most fuel-consuming countries, along with India and Japan. In recent times, relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States have not been as good as those of the United States, the world’s second-largest oil producer, and the UAE. While Saudi Arabia began to pay in yuan, other countries seemed to follow suit, with trade in Russia and India on the one hand, and trade between Saudi Arabia and China on the other.

Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would sell gas and fuel in his country to the countries closest to him, not in dollars, but in rubles. European countries will have to adopt new methods to buy Russian gas, most of which will be in the international market dollars, after the countries do not coordinate internally, not to trade in US dollars, some countries even started trading in their own currencies. Are Many countries are now facing difficulties even in the face of declining foreign exchange rates.

Now that the United States has begun to fluctuate in its coordination with fuel-producing countries, many countries have begun to change their nature. European countries will have to supply a lot of gas for the winter, if the European Commission stops Russia from paying the ruble money, Russia will feel the blockade and, you say, not sending the ruble means not paying for the gas. Russia’s response seems to have hampered the gas purchase process. If Russia does not provide fuel to the European countries, the European countries will have to suffer a lot.

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