Is the government’s decision to stop the country’s trade deficit by selling stones, ballast and sand really right?

The government has made public the budget program for the fiscal year 2078/2079 on May 30. As soon as the budget program was made public, there was a lot of protest against the theft. The government has opened the Chure area for excavation and sale of stones and ballast sand in the budget program. There is widespread protest saying that this will destroy the Chure region. Exploitation of river canals in Nepal is at an extreme stage. At the same time, there are widespread problems. The government had stopped the excavation for the past seven years saying that the exploitation of the river channel was at its peak and there were serious problems. Experts say that the situation could worsen after the government stopped exploiting the river channel. The government, on the other hand, has stated that it will sell stone sand from the Chure area and this will reduce the trade deficit.

Opposition party Nepali Congress has issued a statement criticizing the government’s policy of burning houses and trading in ashes.

According to journalist Subut Gautam, the government’s decision is unseasonable. The country is currently in a state of corona epidemic. The entire government has also announced elections. The most important thing is that the rainy season is starting. He said that stone and ballast should not be removed in this case. He said that the government has opened the way for opening up internal consumption and there is no demand for it. Therefore, it may be the demand of the decision makers, he said. He said that the development work of the neighboring country would be beneficial but for Nepal it was against the interest and wrong decision. He said that the decision was aimed at the development of the country. Even in the past, he has experienced the smuggling of stones and ballast and the spread of mafia rule. This is also the reason why the people are scared. Journalist Gautam said that the government does not even have the capacity to earn money by selling stone ballast.

Natural resource management expert Dr. According to Vinod Bhattarai. He said that some elements running the government may have been involved in the decision-making process even though they were aware of such widespread protests. When it comes to self-interest, it seems to benefit a limited number of people. But he is of the opinion that it will not be done if it is financially prosperous. It is also unlikely to contribute to the national deficit.

According to Sitaram Neupane, president of the Federation of Nepalese Crushers and Mining Entrepreneurs, the government’s decision has raised doubts. He said that the government has taken this decision as the country is at a great loss and the country has been in deficit since the conflict period.

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