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The war between Israel and Palestine has stopped. The war between the two countries lasted for 11 days. The war between the two countries has been going on time and time again. In today’s issue, we are going to give information about why these two countries are moving away and why the war started.

The history of the war between Israel and Palestine is very long. According to the 1947 United Nations Patentation Policy, Israel and Palestine became two countries. The battle that started with the issue of religion and existence has now turned into a race between ethnic factions and demonstration forces. Primarily, this war is now being waged as a war between two countries that consider themselves powerful in the world. Therefore, this battle does not seem to end immediately. This war has escalated time and time again. After 1993, the war ended almost amicably.

A thousand years before the creation of the state of Israel and Palestine, a religious war broke out in this place. After the war that started on the issue of religion, it started turning into a war of existence. Jerusalem, a predominantly Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religion, was at the center of the conflict. Later, this war seems to have given birth to many sub-elements. The war has failed to take the form of peace as neighboring Saudi Arabia and other powerful countries have become centers of interest.

At one time there was no Israeli, no marijuana, no West Bank or ethnic interest in the area. At that time, the whole area was Palestine. Which led to the Ottoman Empire where some Jews, Christians and Muslims lived peacefully with each other. At that time, most of the land was vacant and the settlement was very thin. No one had to take away each other’s share. After World War I, the British and the French occupied half of the Middle East. The whole of Palestine was occupied by the British.

Palestine was under British occupation from 1918 to 1948. At that time, German leader Hitler gained political power. Millions of Jews were murdered in Germany. There was genocide against them. Jews from European countries under Hitler sought refuge in various countries to save their lives. Some were granted asylum by the United States. But many of them reached Palestine. The British first allowed them to come but later stopped them.

The reason was that the Israeli movement began inside Palestine. Palestinians also began agitating for their country. The United Nations liberated two countries, Israel and Palestine, after the British withdrew from Palestine, demanding that Jews make their own country. Since then, wars have been raging between the two countries over religion, caste, and existence.

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