Issue in boarding school, what did they do during the exam? Balen issue

In Pokhara’s TOPS Boarding School, two students are kicked out of the exam hall. Even though there is a rule to expel the student from the hall if they do unethical acts in the exam hall, parents of the students said that they took two exams and sent them home in the middle of the third exam. The parent said that although the child was studying in another school, the level of education there was not good, so they tried to send the child to the second school.

In the beginning, the parents said that although they wanted students in TOPS English Boarding School and they would arrange the certificate, now they are not able to give the exam and the future of the children is in confusion. In the program Gandaki Chadke, which is broadcasted every Friday from Falano news YouTube channel, it is found that the real events that happen in our society are discussed and the reality is brought out. Even though people work hard to get government jobs, they bring out the work of anyone who hurts the people without doing government work. He has said that the district secretary will address the demands of the people more, he has decided to go to the election only by changing some of the functions in the government.

He has been attacking the government offices, bringing out the wrongdoings of the employees, going to the field and reporting, bringing out the sufferings of the people. He has worked to bring out the unethical work done by the employees in the government schools and offices and the sufferings of the people outside. He does the work of bringing out the reality of events that have been reduced by adjusting the process in the society.

At a time when fraud, wrongdoing has become a means of some evil-minded people, he has tried to bring justice to the aggrieved party at least to some extent. In the episode of Gandaki Khadke, he has worked to bring out the real events that happened in the society. He has tried to bring out the work that big people have been doing to small people, but he has made his program to address the problems of people who have been cheated by arranging the mail process.

In the society, even in the current situation, people are not able to live freely, they feel that they are oppressed in some way. Even now, most of the people are working to influence the daily lives of the common citizens, above the government’s rules and laws, so that the voiceless people are feeling inconvenienced. Falano News has done the work of making the voices of people who are in pain and suffering problems accountable from the respective places.

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