It is important to know about money

Once upon a time there was a lockdown in Africa. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during Ebola. At the same time, all work and financial transactions came to a standstill due to the strike. Gradually, the lockdown opened. A guest came to a hotel after a long time. They are happy when guests come and sit in the rooms that have been empty for many months. The guest then asks how much the room will cost. That hotel cost ten thousand rupees a night. Then the guest pays 10,000 rupees at the counter. Then he enters the room. A month later, the manager had Rs 10,000 in his hand. I had to pay off a lot of debt. Because of the lockdown, he was running on debt.

Then the manager goes to the milkman and the milk money had not been paid for a long time. After paying for the milk, he breathes a sigh of relief. People who sell milk also go to pay money to the straw man when they have money in their hands. When the money falls into the hands of the straw man, he goes to pay the money to the manure man. Malwala also rejoices when he has money in his hand. Because he had been eating at the hotel for many days and went to the hotel to pay. And feels happy. That ten thousand goes around again and ten thousand rupees reaches the hands of the hotelier. The guest then asks for money, saying that he does not like the room. The hotelier refunds the guest’s money. With their money, the guests leave the hotel. In the end, no one has the money. But the problem is solved by everyone.

If you look at it this way, you don’t need money to work. People die for money. But people need action, not money. That is why money is called currency. Because it works immediately, it is called currency. Currency comes from the word current. It means flow. Like the flow of water in a river.

Why money is called currency is when money is consumed and only it works. It doesn’t work if you just pile it up in your house. That doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for others. Money becomes note paper as long as it is not spent. After spending, the goods come and finally the money works.

If we continue to work in this way, it will increase from thousands to lakhs of crores. If money is stopped, it is a disaster. If money is spent, it is an asset. Ordinary people do not understand this. Ordinary people are poor because they are afraid to invest. He takes it to a place where the money does not work. So they are poor. The money you accumulate becomes straw. If you want to spend, that is, to invest, you become rich.

We are poor because we did not make money into currency, we made money into paper.

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