It is not a test of Janakpur’s railway, it is an election campaign.

According to Indian officials, the train was diverted from Janakpur’s Kurtha to Jayanagar in India for a 35-kilometer test on Saturday.  According to a source, Tripal has been brought out to show support for Nepal for documentary and news purposes for the forthcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.  In his remarks, the then Prime Minister KP Sarma Oli repeatedly mocked the Nepali Congress, which was flying the flag-waving train and ship, while the opposition Nepali Congress had ridiculed it.  After receiving it, the government of Nepal bought two 5-5 coaches without monitoring the infrastructure.

The trains, which have a capacity of 1,300 passengers each, are now covered by Tripal. Trains purchased without efficiency and infrastructure preparation have to be shut down.  The Government of Nepal is now taking some steps to prevent the deterioration of the goods of the trains that have been waiting for such a long time. The train covered in Janakpur is causing loss to Nepal.  After the fall of KP Oli’s government, Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba has been working hard on the railway staff.

Leaders have said that the government of Nepal has invested in the treasury to bring in a variety of materials, but has not been able to reap the benefits.  Guru Bhattarai, the manager of the Railway Operations Committee, had hired hundreds of staff. Niranjan Kumar Jha was appointed as the managing director. The government has been in operation for a long time.  Various allegations were also leveled against the government for not being able to bring the train.

The government of Nepal, which could not utilize the resources of the country, had brought the big dream train operation into operation. The loss is being borne by the government of Nepal.  The government of Nepal has to bear the loss when it buys the train. The government agencies of Nepal have always had to bear the loss due to the unpredictable investment in the sale activities in Nepal.  Minister for Physical and Transport Renu Kumari yadav has said that full preparations have been made for the operation of the train.

According to Engineer Rabindra Nath Shrestha, Secretary, Ministry of Physical Resources and Transport, Nepali Railways will come into operation after the agreement of both the countries and test work is being done till then.  The Prime Minister of Nepal was also scheduled to attend an event in India. After the event is postponed, it depends on when the Prime Minister of Nepal and the Prime Minister of India meet and how the date of operation of the train is fixed.  According to the government, the railway was operated to export timber from Nepal. The railway that came into operation in 2059 BS was in operation at a distance of 52 km.

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