It is true that Pradeep wanted to do a movie with Paul

Neeti Sah, who has made a distinct identity in the field of Nepali blackness, has recently started to reach the peak of much discussion. She has said that she is eager to play her own movie now. She has said that she is eager to work with Paul Sah, Anmol Kesi and Pradeep Khadka. She said that since she works in the media field, she is eager to get into this field as soon as possible.

He is of the opinion that he will continue his work in a way that will win the hearts of the audience and will always win the hearts of the audience. She says that her talent has brought success in one project after another. She has said that even though she has been offered many films in recent times, she used to read the script and leave the film if she did not like it. She said that in the project that she likes, she always works as per the demand of the story.

Niti Sahlai, who was met at the inauguration of Radmer Coffee, said that she wants to go on a coffee date with Dayahang Rai rather than with whom she wants to go on a coffee date. Neeti Sah has given extensive information about the film industry including coffee. In her first movie, Neeti said that she wanted to show herself as she is. Niti’s manager has said that he is ready for Niti to act in the movie, he is talking to three or four makers. He said that since he is talking to the maker producer, he will get a good signal soon. He has said that he is working because the heroes have signed the film.

Neeti said that since Anmol is her friend since childhood, he is a very good person. She said that she likes mango juice because of her habit of drinking hot water when she wakes up in the morning. She has said that she likes dal, rice, meat, and beef in Afulai food very much, she said that she eats whatever food she gets. She said that if a person manages his body, he does not compromise on food. She said that according to the type of food a person eats, his body is also shaped.

She has said that she works very hard, she doesn’t stop doing what her heart wants. She said that she likes Dayahang Rai very much as she is a natural actor in Nepali film industry. She said that since people like natural things now, it improves people’s ability to work. She has said that since she thinks of going in life in a different way than others, she will make a movie when she finds a story that suits her and is chosen by her heart. Recently, even though it has come out that Neeti wants to make a couple with Nayak Anmol, she has said that the production team has not discussed anything with her.

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