It was a game to shut down Indreni YouTube, Ayusa Gautam

Child singer Ayusa Gautam has come to the media after being seen playing a game to stop Indreni for the last few days. Ayusa, who came to the media feeling emotional, started crying saying that krishna kandel was god for many people just like me.

Krishna Kandel is now tense after the daily copyright was taken in Indreni. The fear of Indreni flying on YouTube has increased and now the Indreni team is in pain and even the artists are in trouble. It has been revealed that even the artists who came into the limelight by repeating the song from Indreni have lost their copyrights, but it has not been officially revealed who lost it. Copyright means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

It not only provides the platform for the established artist but also provide the platform for new upcoming artist. The place is also provided for poor and needy people. Some people have talents in them but cannot get platform to present their talent. For those people, Indreni can be the one. This program not only foster the talents but also do the social work by providing money, food and clothes to the needy ones. Krishna prasad Kandel being a social worker is doing really a good job from his place. He collects the money from different heartful Nepalese and provide that money and goods to the ones who really need it, who really are being deprived and are in the severe sufferings in their life. Nepalese from different corners of the world are providing their helping hands to the social worker Krishna. Hope he will get these love and support in the future too.

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