It was such a fun meeting with a talented friend of Viral Astrology: Latest Nepal

Sargam Silwal and Sagar Sunar, two dear friends of astrologer Khagendra Pokhrel, who are now very viral on social media, work in the museum area. He said that he had been studying in the same school since he was a child and had struggled together. Khagendra said that he is struggling on how to move forward a person with such a sweet voice. In the meantime, he went to India and struggled, but his friends struggled in Kathmandu, he said.

He said that the artists who have been doing well in song music from an early age should play an important role in uplifting them as they could not get a field due to poor financial condition. Jyotisi Khagendra Pokhrel, who is currently being discussed on social media, said that since it is a Brahmin who is ruining the country, Rai Limbu should be given to other castes to run the country. He said that what he said was getting better, and what he said would happen, so now those who do not believe his words will be deceived tomorrow. He said that Nepal, which has been ruled by the Brahmins since last year, has not changed as much as expected.

“There is no development anywhere where there are vehicles, there is a lot of development where there are no vehicles,” he said. Pokharel said that the Brahmins would protect the religion and culture, but they did not hesitate to sell the religion of their country by forgetting the path. Although he did not like to protest as a Brahmin, he said that he was forced to protest against wrongdoing. He said that Brahmins will not run the country, adding that people like Rajendra Lingden and Hark Sampang are constantly involved in the development of the country. He said that now it is up to the communists to end the country. Rai Limbu said that although the tribes were trying to save our religion and culture, the Brahmins had sold the religion and culture of their country.

He said that after reading and researching, any Brahmin is ready to argue with him. According to Khagendra, the Brahmins came to Lingden, Rai Limbu and Newar to build the country. Pokhrel said that even though the region has tried to do well in the country, they have not been able to do so in the country. He said that even though everything was done for the country in the past, now Brahmins have not done anything to save the country. Although Rabbi Lamichhane has now opened a new party for the development of the country, he has said that he will not support it as he has moved ahead with only 14 Brahmins out of 21. He said that as he did not include any people from other communities including Dalits, he was trying to ruin his journey.

He said that Brahmins have now won in Jub area, where people’s representatives used to buy vehicles and continue to develop Newar, Limbu and Rai tribes. As Nepal is a religious country, people here still believe in astrology. Some well-educated astrologers follow the right path to the truth, while some stupid astrologers continue their journeys by cultivating lies in order to cleanse their pockets, while some people’s homes are ruined, some their wealth. Property is lost. Due to such immoral acts, a person has to face a lot of difficulties in running his life.

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