James Pradhan & Nalina Chitrakar. it’s my show with suraj singh thakur

Singer Nalina Chitrakar and James Pradhan, who have made a distinct identity in the field of Nepali song music, have been popular in the market with one song after another. The artists who are constantly keeping their inner talent among the Nepali audience by engaging in the field of music composer singer etc., now some artists are finding a suitable place in their country and are moving abroad.

After winning the heart of the Nepali audience with Geet Sangeet, singer Nalina, who is bringing her talent to the market, has released her Asan Bazar song, which is now getting a good response in the market. She said that she will pay special attention to how many people have liked her and how many people have liked her. She said that although songs were very difficult when they first came to the market, now Kalakar songs are much better than before.

Nalina, who has sung songs on television, has said that she has been singing songs for 30 years. Nalina, who has been involved in song music for a long time, has carved her own destiny, she has said that people should think about and choose songs according to their wishes and bring them to the market. She said that now some people are bringing negative songs in the market to earn views, but that is wrong. She said that while she was successful in many places by taking up song music, she was in loss in some places.

She said that some Kalakars were frustrated because their talent was not used. She said that the songs brought to the market by including the social culture and old cultures, most of them were not played, but they came under a lot of stress. She said that their talent should find a market in order for Kalakar to run. She said that even though she lives outside the country, her heart is Nepali, she will always continue her travels to preserve the language, culture, and music of her country. She said that since she made her name by engaging in Nepali song music, she will always give her time to song music.

She said that even though she has come abroad with her identity from Nepal, she always has love for her country in her heart. She has said that since her birthplace is always in her heart, she will always keep her birthplace in mind and bring songs that are suitable for the society. The singer, who has been bringing Nepali song music to the market despite being away, came to Kantipur yesterday and shared her thoughts.

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