Janata Janna Chahanchhan with Guest: Gagan thapa

After the party’s 14th convention, Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa and Vishwaprakash Sharma decided not to hold any meeting of the party at Baluwatar, the official residence of the Prime Minister. After the decision, Congress officials and central committee meetings started sitting in the party office Sanepa.

Until June, party chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba used to participate in meetings held at the central office. Most of the meetings were held by him in Sanepa. But now he is back to his old ways. In other words, they have started holding party meetings in Baluwatar. According to which, on Monday, the Congress officials meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Baluwatar.

The Prime Minister of the previous government, KP Oli, used to hold almost all the meetings of UML and then CPN in Baluwatar. As a result, additional financial burden was added to the state. Oli was heavily criticized for running the government and the party from Baluwatar. The common people were very angry with Oli’s decision.

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