Japanese formula for becoming rich

A long-time friend became rich and another became poor. The friend who was poor asked the
rich friend how you became rich. Then he spread the word that he was rich. A rich friend blows
out a candle while telling a secret by lighting a candle. The friend says in surprise, what have you
done? He laughs and says, “Hey man, you don’t have to light a candle to talk.” Then my friend
Jurukka got up and said, I understand that I know that I will be rich. Expenses need to be saved.

In 1926 a book by George Clausen was published. The Richest Man in Babylon. This book is
still the most searched book on wealth. Babylon is the world’s richest city. The people there
knew how to get rich. Even today, this book is suitable for those who become rich. There is a
saying in this book that there are many people in the world who do not spend money, but there is
no one who does not spend money. Therefore, the question is not to earn, the question is to save,
to save. People have become poor not only by earning money but also by earning a lot. It is not
only by earning a lot of money that one becomes rich, but also by saving money. The big thing
about getting rich is saving money.

Now the question is how to save money? In the case of those who earn money, to deposit 10
percent of the income in one account, that too close. In the case of non-earners, 10 percent of
what you spend can be saved by asking others. This is the gist of The Richest Man in Babylon.
Japan was nothing more than a hundred years ago. Japan is now one of the richest countries in
the world. The people of Japan are probably rich in many ways. But here is a formula that can be
learned from Japan, which is suitable for everyone, especially for the middle class and below.
There is a formula for this, Kakebo, which can also be understood as a home account.

What is the monthly cost of writing and looking at all your expenses on one copy? If there are
people who earn, look at how much income is earned from the sources of income. In case of non-
payment or in case of student, keep a record of how much is taken from the copy. It is clear that
the higher the expenditure, the higher the income. If you spend more than you earn, you will be
overwhelmed by debt for the rest of your life. If the same amount of income is spent, even that
person cannot become rich. If income cannot be increased now, expenses should be reduced.
Accordingly, make a monthly saving goal and keep account. Deposit the saved money in bank
finance from where the interest comes. Thus the Japanese have followed the

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